Do you believe in life after dog?

I can feel something inside me say, I really don’t think you’re strong enough… But you’re gonna have to be, because Mia Cobb and Julie Hecht from Do You Believe In Dog? have finished their stint as curators of RealScientists.


Through the week, Mia and Julie played tag team to give us a spectacularly engaging and entertaining 24 hour tweeting experience at Real Scientists.  Their take on the enchanted relationship between man and dog,surely unique throughout the animal kingdom was fascinating. But the subject matter ranged far and wide in behavioural studies, from Currawongs migrating to fruit orchards, teaching Americans about Tim Tams, animal behaviour and welfare, and any number of adorable pictures of dogs.

Dogs. So awesome.

Our very own @sciencesarah put together Storifys of Julie and Mia’s tweets – one for each day! – You can catch up on them through here.

We trust you found Mia and Julie’s 24-7 tweetage on all issues doggy-science-related as fascinating as we did. Keep following them on Twitter, Facebook and their blog(s). Thanks again to (and from) Mia and Julie.


Next up: Astrophysics. Because we can. And because we have Brad Tucker of Mt Stromlo joining us. Stay tuned!


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