Paint me like one of your French scientists – farewell Michele Banks

Blue and green frequently seen together, soft featheredged cats, scarves with echocardiograms – this week with artist Michele Banks has been an eye opener for the Real Scientists community.  Michele came from a management background into art, and then made forays into scientific art.  She’s now a well-established name in science-inspired art, her work gracing the covers of scientific journals, and now, novels.  On twitter this week, Michele shared some of her journey into scientific art with us, how scientific images inspire many of her current works, and the pitfalls and joys of striking out as an artist on your own.  Michele also shared “how to make a kitty microbe,” and gave us a feel for what it’s like to use watercolours, the advantages and limitations:


The Science Online community also joined in with the discussion and Michele demonstrated how one aspect of your work can help you develop others – from writing to outreach to business.  Best of all, Michele became a custom supplier of Celebratory LOLCats to Twitter and Scientists at large, from Paper Accepted Cat, to an actual LOLDingo to Grant Application Cat. So thank you, Michele, for such a unique and refreshing perspectives. It’s not often that we can bridge the gap between art and science especially fine art and science, with such knowledge and humor.  You can keep following Michele’s adventures at @artologica, read some of her articles at The Finch and Pea and buy her art at Etsy.  Thanks Michele!


You can access the Storify of Michele’s week tweeting here.


Next up: HPLC Queen, Renee Webs!


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