Call of the whale-d: thanks and farewell to Michelle Weirathmueller

This week RealScientists has been joined by Michelle Weirathmueller, PhD candidate at the University of Washington in the US, tweeting about (amongst other things) her research using data from ocean bottom seismometers to track the migration of fin whales by listening for their calls. This requires a lot of code-slinging and stats to write programs which can aid in deconvolution of acoustics data and picking the fin whale calls out from everything else.

As you can see above, Michelle also uses comics to communicate her own and others’ research, through her Science x Comics project. You can keep track of Michelle’s work via her website, or via her twitter account @michellejw. Or you could listen to a bunch of seismography data to try and figure out how her project’s going, but it’d take a lot of analysis. If you missed anything from her week on the account, check out Storify: Part 1 (Sun-Wed) | Part 2 (Thu-Sat)

Thanks again to Michelle and good luck with your research. Next week: galactic archaeology with the University of Sydney’s Dr Nick Bate, aka @ickbat.


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