Can you dig? Farewell Sam Arman from RealScientists

Palaeontologist Sam Arman’s week as curator of @realscientists is at an end – barely a wink in geological timescales, but impactful in ours nonetheless. From his own work on using dental microwear texture analysis to investigate the diet of fossil mammals, to discourses on research funding, homebrewing, the RS admins’ prophensity towards spamming people about their pub get-togethers (Sydney’s Harts Pub on Wednesday Sept 25 around half six, since you asked) and why all vertebrates are really just modified fish.


Sam introduced us to techniques old and new, from paintaking brushwork to surface characterisation by confocal microscopy…

wallaby confocal

Catering on field trips came up in conversation…


On the topic of which, if you’re keen to join Sam and company out on a dig, get in touch with the Flinders Uni Palaeontology Society. Buy some of their merch and maybe you can look THIS unconcerned about being photographed drinking on the internet with your fly undone.


If you missed any of the action on the account this week check out Storify:  Part 1 | Part 2

Keep following Sam at @samosthenurus, and keep following us for more live science goodness. Next week: Molecular biologist, leukemia researcher, runner and ideas man Dr Chris Slape.


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