Will design vectors for caffeine: thanks and farewell to Dr Dave Hawkes

To give you a quick run down of topics I hope to cover this week here is a list of topics I have written or podcasted about this year ……

— realscientists (@realscientists) October 20, 2013

Viral vectors, anxiety, HIV/AIDS, evolution, vaccines (esp HPV), anti-vaccinationists, crowd funding, babies, chiropractic, and homeopathy

— realscientists (@realscientists) October 20, 2013

To be honest there are probably more but only half way through my first coffee

— realscientists (@realscientists) October 20, 2013


And just quietly, there were a few of those as well. It’s been said before that scientists are primarily devices for turning caffeine into research findings, and our curator for this past week, Dr Dave Hawkes of the Florey Institute in Melbourne, certainly did not a great deal to disprove that theory. In between espressos Dave took us through all the aforementioned and more. He introduced his new Pozible crowd-funded research project Name The Virus, amongst other new projects from the Florey, showed us through his wardrobe of fantastically bad sci-geek shirts, daveshirthurled half-housebricks at homeopaths (metaphorically speaking, of course), wondered aloud who gets to call themselves a doctor (and who gets to decide who gets to call themselves a doctor), watched paint dry, and did a metric skipload of marking. The joys of the modern academic researcher, most of the workload of a lecturer without the security of tenure…

We wish Dave all the best with his future adventures, and recommend you keep following him. Next week: Dr Akshat Rathi, Commissioning Editor (Science + Technology) for The Conversation UK.


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