Welcome (back) to the jungle: Phil Torres and Lary Reeves tweet for us from the Peruvian Amazon


Earlier in the year we had conservation biologist, entomologist and all-round good guy Phil Torres tweeting for us from his adventures in the jungles of Peru, which was implausibly brilliant. Those of you who were with us in March will remember Phil; here’s a link to the bio post we put together at the time, Upulie‘s forlorn farewell post, and the superb Storify archive of Phil’s week on the account, assembled by Sarah. For those who’ve joined us since then, and missed out: you’re in luck. Phil’s back. And this time he brought company. Joining Phil in exploring the Amazonian wilderness – and in curating RealScientists this coming week – is University of Florida graduate student Lary Reeves, aka @BioDiversiLary.


Lary’s interests are in conservation biology and biodiversity, which he’s studied in systems as (bio)diverse as flying foxes, butterflies and tortoises, from Florida to New York to the Phillippines. Like Phil – and colleague/mentor/fellow former curator Dr Andy Warren – Lary’s research passion is finding and identifying rare and novel insect species. Occasionally, with his face.


While this will be Lary’s first stint on RealScientists, it’s not his first stint in the Amazon. He comes prepared…

…so there’s not much else to say but prepare yourselves for another amazing week of live-tweeted fieldwork on RealScientists!

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