The Diversity of Scientists: thanks and farewell Greetchen Diaz

What an amazing week we were treated to from the super passionate Greetchen Diaz! She started off with a discussion of the different paths people take into science. Some are straight and traditional, while there are many of us who have taken a more curly wurly route, or dabbled in a few different fields before deciding where to focus our energies. From astronomers becoming psychologists to artists becoming biologists, the responses Greetchen elicited showed that maybe the typical route into science is not so typical after all.


Help me doctor, the non-stop epic scients content from @RealScientists every week is sending me batty!

Greetchen also has a wide range of interests outside of science and put the question to the followers of @realscientists asking what their hobbies and interests outside of science were. The diversity of responses that flooded in was incredible. From sports and outdoor activities to cooking and baking to painting, drawing and knitting – turns out there are a lot of scientists out there who enjoy an immense assortment of activities when they’re not sciencing (note to self: must get a hobby…)


Greet’s self-portrait. such talent very art wow!

Finally, another topic that Greetchen covered extensively was diversity in science, in particular the representation of women and minority groups. Again she curated an unbelievable range of responses from women scientists, showing us what  working in science means to them. All of this, combined with Greetchen’s work for Ciencia Puerto Rico (a non-profit organization dedicated to promote science and education in Puerto Rico), really gave us an inisight into what drives Greetchen, and her passion certainly shined through this week.

As always, you can catch up on any of the dicsussions you might have missed on Storify, and you can continue to follow Greetchen on twitter, @GreetDiaz.


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