I’m a Museum full of all Diseases, You’ll Learn a Lot of Things if you Come and Look in Me-ses

Our first non-human curator, the Museum of Human Disease at UNSW Faculty of Medicine was holding the reins at RealScientists this week. For a non-human entity, the museum is pretty excellent at typing, photography, walking around, cycling and eating. Keeping such mysteries of the universe aside for the moment, the museum opened its doors to the world via the magic science of twitter.

Hello. I am a tweeting museum. Please come inside me. There will be SCIENTS.

Hello. I am a tweeting museum. Please come inside me. There will be SCIENTS.


Many of the tweets this week were a comprehensive #tweetedtour of the museum, which was easily the next best thing to actually being there. Another hashtag favoured by museums is #collectionfishing, and we were treated to some absolutely fascinating catches at the end of the rod, hauled up from the depths of human diseases.



Not confined completely to the four walls of Museum of Human Disease, we saw many parts of the UNSW campus, particularly around the science precinct. Around campus we dropped in on some twitter friends and the UNSW Geology Museum too, because of course all of the museums are totally mates with each other *museum mate fist bump*

In between hosting hordes of school students, the museum also found the time to eat delicious pastries (perhaps stolen from work experience students), attempt to donate blood, learn about relativity and have a refreshing dip under a safety shower.

It was all about the pictures this week, so be sure to check out the Storifys where they are all collated (although maybe not over lunch).



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