About @RealScientists

RealScientists (@realscientists) is a rotational twitter account featuring real scientists, science writers, communicators and policy makers talking about their lives and their work. Tweeters from different fields of science and science-related fields.  Get a feel for what scientists are actually doing locked away in those labs, and checkout all the things you can do with a science degree.  It’s Science by Twitter – not so sinister or secret now…

If you’d like to participate, drop us an email. For more information on how to apply for curation, and why you should sign up and tweet for us for a week, see here.

Original Idea by: Bernard Kealey

Curation arrangements, account maintenance: @upulie

Blog posts, account admin, Storification, Facebookery and enthusiasm:  @upulie, @sciencesarah, @reneewebs, @MCeeP and @DrSMMorgan

Helping with big words and colouring-in: @theotherdrsmith

Artwork: @diva_ex_machina, @therevmountain

8 thoughts on “About @RealScientists

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  2. Funny I started out as a Scientist in a lab with a full on Bach of Applied Science and now have taken that degree and all my human health knowledge and scientific method to now being a scientist who trains dogs scientifically and applies my knowledge of health and drugs to animals. It is amazing how versatile our scientific training can be.

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