What you tweetin’ bout Willis

A great big RealScientists thanks and farewell to Dr Paul Willis of RiAus for his week curating the @RealScientists account. We hope you found Paul’s tweets about science communication, science funding and science policy (not to mention science moobs) as interesting and engaging as we did. Paul’s time with us saw an array of milestones, including the arrival of our thousandth follower (rewarded with a 20 million year old crocodile tooth as a lucky door prize… you just don’t get that sort of thing from @Sweden, folks) and ABC radio interviews with both Paul and our Fearless Leader Upulie. We didn’t even seem to lose followers when Paul started talking about his big bone.

For those who missed any of Paul’s curation of the account, catch up via ScienceSarah’s Storification of Paul’s tweetery: http://storify.com/RealScientists/real-scientists-dr-paul-willis-aka-fossilcrox

Next up on RealScientists is Dr Helen Maynard-Casely of the Australian Synchrotron. Which apparently we’re giving away to our 100,000th follower, probably to the dismay of the people who work there. However I read it on Twitter so it must be true. More about @Dr_HelenMC in our next post. Thanks for reading, and keep following!


A (Live-Tweeted) Week In Science with Dr Paul Willis

Paul Willis RiAus 3

This week, RealScientists are thrilled to welcome Dr Paul Willis, Director of RiAus. Paul is well-known in Australia as a science broadcaster with the ABC, presenting and producing on science shows such as Quantum and Catalyst. His passion for science and science communication has seen him curating museum specimens in Sydney, measuring dead crocodiles in Germany, shivering on Antarctic expeditions and touring Australian schools with a life-sized inflatable dinosaur, which instantly makes him Our Kind Of Guy. Amongst all of that, he still found time to be a leading researcher in vertebrate paleontology with a strong record of publication in both academic and popular science. Paul’s passion for informing, educating and amusing people of all ages and backgrounds about science has now taken him to the Royal Institute of Australia (RiAus), based in Adelaide, whose mission is to bring science to people, and people to science.  Paul usually tweets at @Fossilcrox. He also presents a weekly video wrap of the latest and greatest in science, The Week In Science, every Friday on the RiAus website.